Patient Fees

Patient Fees

Our fees are based on a standard 15-minute consultation with the doctor. Our fee structure can be found within our reception area when you enter our clinic and on our website. All fees are GST inclusive. Payment is expected at the time of consultation.

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Patient Charges
FundedACC SurchargeVisitor
ChildUnder 14$0.00$0.00$65.00
14-17 years$42.00$42.00$80.00
25-65 years$78.00$78.00$110.00
Over 65 years$72.00$72.00$110.00
Extra Consult time$50.00per additional 15min
PrescriptionsPlease allow 24 hours notice
Under 14+ years$0.00
14+ years$27.00
Community Card Holders
Standard Consult Only - Additional charges can apply. (eg Consultation + ACC surcharge = $38)
ChildUnder 14$0.00$0.00$35.00
14-17 years$13.00$13.00$50.00
Adult18+ years$19.50$19.50$70.00
Nurse consult14-17 years$13.00
18 years +$19.50
Collection14-17 years$13.00
18 years+$19.50
Other Charges
ACC Dressings$0.00
Non ACC Dressings$30.00
Blood Pressure Reading$20.00
Liquid Nitrogen$25.00
Forms and Letters$45.00
Nurse Consultation$30.00